Life imitates art for Papelbon’s dog

News item: Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon says his dog ate the baseball that struck out Colorado’s Seth Smith to end the 2007 World Series. "He plays with baseballs like they are his toys," Papelbon said. "His name is Boss. He jumped up one day on the counter and snatched it. He likes rawhide. He tore that thing to pieces. I’ll keep what’s left of it."

As the director of The Sandlot, I had this reaction:

I think Jonathan should be grounded immediately for a week at least and perhaps a month, and no TV! Firstly for playing fetch with a ball that valuable — what, he didn?t have any tennis balls handy? And secondly for clearly, blatantly attempting to relive his childhood baseball dreams by imitating a moment in what is surely his favorite baseball movie of all time.

Happy New Year and welcome to my new MLBlog. I appreciate everyone who has gone out to watch our latest baseball movie, The Final Season. As far as I know, The Final Season is coming out on DVD in April ?- around Spring Training/Opening Day or something like that. The word all around is that it?s poised and positioned to do VERY well.  The big retailers like Wal*Mart, Target and Best Buy are enamored of it are are claiming to be ready to support its sale intensely.



Welcome to MLBlogs!

Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse

David, Welcome to MLBlogs…

After watching the previews and trailer of the movie “The Final Season” on so many times, I really looked forward to the release of this movie in October 2007.

The Final Season looks like a fun and very inspiring movie, and with Sean Astin in the starring role it would be great to see if he can recapture some of the inspiration he brouht to the big screen in the movie “Rudy” [one of my all-time favorite movies].

But, for some reason, The Final Season was not featured, and did not play in any movie theaters in the New York area [the Bronx, Westchester, etc.] that I was aware of…and, I kept checking the movie listings for weeks – at the time!

So, it’s good news to hear that the movie will be released on DVD – soon…Again, I look forward to the release of this movie. Hopefully, it will be in the stores by the Spring!

Well, welcome again, David! I look forward to your Posts, Thoughts, and Comments throughout the 2008 Baseball Season, and in the future…

Best Wishes, and Good Luck on all your future projects!

Jimmy Curran – “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”

David, I was fortunate to be able to see the movie a few times and was at the Hollywood screening early last year. I didn’t get to thank you in person that evening, but hopefully you were sent a copy of an email that I sent to a few others the next day. Everyone that I have taken to the movie has loved it, and we are all looking forward to sharing it with even more when the DVD comes out. Our little league will even have a banner promoting it as we feel it’s important for every player and coach to view. This will be our “Final Season” in the league, so it’s appropriate.
I hope you get this blog before long, I would like to ask a huge favor if you could write me back sometime.

thanks again,


David Evans….The only director in the world who could have pulled off filming “The Final Season” he did an awesome job.

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